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Jennifer Yates, Director Food & Nutrition Services, Gabe Brown, ECUA customer FOG service manager, Victoria Berube, patient services manager. Alice McCain, food production manager, Pam Molett, clinical nutrition manager, Kenyore Edwards, FOG inspector, Doug Lurton, director of Baptist Health Care support services, and Kennie Lyons, FOG inspector

The Protector of the Environment (POE) award is a one of-a-kind initiative, which rewards local businesses and food service establishments (FSEs) that promote a positive, safe and clean work environment through the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and Backflow Programs.   Awarded on a quarterly basis, the POE Award is now designed to consider the challenges faced by large and small organizations, and recognizes participants in either the Large or Small Business Category.

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, ECUA presented the “Protector of the Environment”  Award, Large Business Category, to Baptist Hospital.

Founded in 1952, Baptist Hospital is a 492-bed tertiary care hospital, the largest in the Baptist Health Care network. Baptist Hospital provides a full range of medical, surgical and obstetrical services. Specialized critical care is provided by the hospital's emergency center and three intensive care units: Cardiac, Surgical and Progressive.

Jennifer Yates, Director of Food & Nutrition Services, stated “When ECUA first introduced us to the FOG program in 2009, we were determined to follow their best management practices and do everything we could possibly do to make sure we controlled grease and food scraps from going down the kitchen drains.  We trained all of our Food Service team members on FOG, and then removed all garbage disposals in the kitchen.  We promoted FOG to all Baptist Hospital team members by showing the DVD and providing grease collection containers for home use during the annual Hospital Safety fair.  

Today, we train our new team members on FOG during Food Service Department Orientation, and every May we have refresher training for the entire Food Service Department. We are very proud to be recognized by ECUA for our hard work and the conscious efforts we make to keep the environment clean.  It feels great to know that we are making a difference!”

Accepting the award was Director of Baptist Health Care Support Services Doug Lurton, which was presented by Gabe Brown, ECUA customer FOG service manager.

The POE Award recognizes organizations that train their employees on “best management practices,” participate in scheduled 90-day cleanliness inspections, have no FOG or Backflow violations,  and no warnings within a one-year period.