ECUA Operations Update

Update: Flood Debris Collection: Thursday, May 8, 2014, 2:20 p.m.

ECUA is running its normal sanitation collection routes (garbage, recycling, yard and bulk waste) daily, and then collecting flood debris after (if) the routes are completed.  Yard and bulk waste collections may be delayed due to the increased volume of vegetation and bulk waste following the flood.   ECUA is asking its customers who do not have much yard or bulk waste and can defer placing it at the curb for a week or two, to do so.  This will allow our crews to assist those residents who are working on cleaning up flood-damaged homes.  

 If an area has a lot of flood debris, clean-up may be scheduled on the weekend or Monday.   This approach allows ECUA to maintain the normal schedule for the large majority of our customers and collect flood debris more efficiently from affected neighborhoods.  

Residents are advised that we are tracking addresses whose bulk debris cannot be completely removed in one pass or day, and will make sure that it is collected on the weekend (or sooner if possible).  Keeping streets free of vehicles and debris as much a possible will allow collection trucks to move through the clean-up area more easily.
 Under normal circumstances, the ECUA does not collect construction and demolition debris without an additional charge.  However, in this instance, ECUA is waiving that procedure and collecting the flood debris to help our customers with the clean-up as quickly as possible.  All available ECUA crews and equipment are being dedicated to the normal collection and debris removal efforts, and have been working from daylight to dusk since April 29.



Update: Piedmont Sewer Service: Thursday, May 8, 2014, 1:30 p.m.


All residences in the Piedmont Road area now have normal sewer service.


Update: Piedmont Sewer Service: Wednesday, May 7, 6:22 p.m.

The following addresses in the Piedmont Road area now have normal sewer service:

2090 Galt Road
4160 Piedmont Road
4200 Piedmont Road
4210 Piedmont Road
4209 Piedmont Road
4221 Piedmont Road

The following five addresses must continue use of portable bathrooms, showers or wash-stations.    ECUA anticipates that normal sewer service will be returned to these addresses within the next two days. 

2041 Morningside Drive
2105 Morningside Drive
2080 Semur Road
2102 Semur Road
4220 Piedmont Road


Update: Piedmont Sewer Service: Monday, May 5, 6:22 p.m.

The flow of wastewater for most of the Piedmont area is now being collected normally by the existing gravity sewer, after major emergency repairs over the weekend.  Residents in this area do not need to use the portable bathrooms, showers or wash-stations.    

There are two sections of Piedmont Rd where the gravity sewer mains were damaged beyond repair:  those are from Morningside Drive, south to Semur Road and from Semur Road, south to Galt Rd.  The 11 addresses in these two sections (see attached map), which were connected to the gravity sewer main on Piedmont Road must continue to use the portables per the Department of Health directive issued May 3 until the sewer main has been replaced and the laterals reconnected.  ECUA anticipates that work to be completed by the end of the week.    


The 11 affected addresses are as follows:

 2041 Morningside Dr.

2105 Morningside Dr.

2080 Semur Rd.

2102 Semur Rd.

4221 Piedmont Rd.

4220 Piedmont Rd.

4209 Piedmont Rd.

4210 Piedmont Rd.

2090 Galt Rd.

4200 Piedmont Rd.

4160 Piedmont Rd.


Friday, May 2:

Sewer Services:

The Central CWRF is up and running at full capacity and treating the influent at Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) levels.  We have also resumed accepting septage from private haulers at this facility.   The release of secondary treated effluent from the CWRF‘s 70-million gallon wet weather storage pond was made for two reasons:  to accept the maximum flow at the CWRF and manage the stormwater inundation at the plant instead of allowing wastewater and stormwater to surcharge manholes in populated areas of the community, and to protect the integrity of the holding pond.   Flows could have been restricted into the plant keeping it in operation, and treating a fraction of the overall influent.   This would have caused stormwater / sanitary sewer water overflows everywhere.   It was considered to be a much more advisable to centralize the maximum influent at one location, provide minimal treatment (secondary level), and then discharge the flows to a wetlands area, which ultimately flows to the Escambia River. The Department of Health and FDEP representatives agreed with the process.   Essentially we have been pumping huge amounts of stormwater from downtown and populated areas, draining the flooded areas purposely to avoid overflows throughout the county.

The wastewater collection system and lift stations are up and running. We still have some power outages and some lift stations are still submerged by stormwater, but we have everything operational and are using the roving generator crews to manage those issues. 

ECUA is working with the City of Pensacola to develop a repair plan for the roadway and utility services for Piedmont Street.   We’re working with the Escambia County Health Department to provide working solution in lieu of sewer service that will allow residents to remain in their homes during the reconstruction process. 

The wastewater collection system and lift stations are up and running. We still have some power outages and some lift stations are still submerged by stormwater, but we have everything operational and are using the roving generator crews to manage those issues. 


Water Services:

The water system is basically intact although there may be isolated repairs we will be making as areas of concern are received from customers.



Effective immediately, the precautionary boil water notice issued for ECUA customers located on the following area has been lifted:


  • North Boundary:   Interstate 10
  • West Boundary:   Tippin/12th Avenue
  • East and Southern Boundaries: Escambia and Pensacola Bays  

Two independent sets of bacteriological samples were reported as clear, lifting the notice that was issued on Wednesday, April 30.


Other Precautionary Boil Water Notices
Precautionary boil water notices are still in effect for all the areas listed below while we await results of the second sets of samples, which should be completed Saturday afternoon.  Information will be disseminated to media via release and will also be posted on the Public Advisories section of the ECUA website. 

  • Calvin Street between Rhonda Street and Orby Street 
  • Orby Street, from Calvin Street west to the dead end of Orby
  • Nowlin Street
  • Daniel Street
  • Rufus Street
  • Rhonda Street, between Calvin Street and Rufus Street 
  • Lillian Hwy., west of Bauer Road
  • Joaquin Road
  • Juan Road
  • Bronson Road
  • Bronson Field Naval Recreation Center,
  • Trout Road
  • Hartung Avenue
  • Joceline Road
  • Tracy Road
  • Ogden Road
  • Rosirito Place
  • Cordova Road
  • Moss Drive
  • Sandy Beach Drive
  • Perdido Manor Drive
  • Paradise Ln,
  • Paradise Beach Place
  • Paradise Beach Circle. 

    Residents were advised directly by door-hanger for these three isolated locations and the advisories will also be lifted via door-hanger:
  • Gamwell Road  
  • Hurst Hammock 
  • 8100 Block of Scenic Hwy.


Residents are advised to boil water for one minute at a rolling boil, or to use 8 drops of regular unscented household bleach per gallon of water, for water to be used for drinking of cooking purposes.

Two independent bacteriological samples will be initiated and the advisory will be lifted as soon as possible. This process routinely takes 48 hours.  Precautionary Boil Water Notices are issued as a part of standard protocol following any loss of water pressure, whether as a result of planned maintenance activities or unscheduled repairs. 

ECUA crews have completed repair work and flushed out the lines.  Residents are advised that there is a possibility of discolored water as a result of the breaks, and to flush their home’s plumbing by running their taps for a few minutes.  If problems persist, customers are asked to contact ECUA Customer Service at 850-476-0480 for assistance, or see precautionary boil water notice guidelines on the ECUA website at

For more information, customers may contact ECUA Customer Service at (850) 476-0480 for assistance.

Water service has been restored to Piedmont Road and Crescent Lake, including all other locations that had experienced main breaks.   

Sanitation Services
ECUA residential and commercial sanitation collections are delayed by one day for the balance of the week.  Collections scheduled for today will be made Saturday.   


ECUA update, 5-02-14, page 3

All services are being provided including curbside recycling, yard waste and bulk waste collections.  Yard waste and bulk waste collection may be delayed due to the heavy volume of flood debris.  Collection crews will be working overtime and weekends until the clean-up is completed.  Please do not place any debris in the right of way unless it is ready to be removed by ECUA collection crews.  For more information, customers may contact ECUA Customer Service at 850-476-0480.

Bristol Park
ECUA will have a special collection scheduled for the Bristol Park area on Sunday, May 4.  ECUA personnel visited the area today to speak directly with residents, discuss Sunday’s activities and hear their concerns in advance of the collection.