ECUA Announces Short Term Recycling Agreement

On Thursday, May 29, 2014, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) entered into a short-term, two-year agreement with Infinitus Energy, to accept and process recyclable materials. ECUA Board members voted unanimously to approve the agreement, designed to save money, enhance and maintain a clean environment, and prevent recyclables from being buried in the landfill.

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the Infinitus Renewable Energy Park (IREP) offers advanced processing technology that will assist ECUA meet its recycling needs immediately and well into the future. Infinitus Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Mowitz, calls IREP, “The most advanced materials recovery facility in North America.”

West Florida Recycling (WFR), ECUA’s previous processor of recyclables filed for bankruptcy in mid-April, prompting the ECUA to transport its recyclables to a facility in Georgia on an interim basis.   ECUA Executive Director Stephen E. Sorrell explains, “While transporting our recyclables to Georgia was a challenge and quite inconvenient, it was worth the effort in order to maintain our recycling program and not see those items landfilled.  Since WFR closed through May 28, we’ve prevented 1,081 tons of recyclables from going into the landfill, saving approximately $48,000 in tipping fees in the process.”  WFR, the sole processor of recyclables in the region, also served Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, the City of Pensacola, and the Escambia County School District.   Sorrell further elaborates, “WFR’s closure leaves a need in the area so this agreement with Infinitus Energy is purposely only a 2-year solution.  We hope to see a comparable facility built closer to the ECUA coverage area, ready to serve our region, by mid-2016.”

Sorrell says, “ECUA will net a slight profit by taking recyclables to IREP, enough to continue its thriving recycling program, without the need to consider an increase in its residential sanitation rate.