ECUA Board Elects Officers for 2015-2016

The ECUA Organizational Board Meeting for 2015-2016 was held Thursday, November 19, 2015.   Officers were unanimously elected among the Board to fill the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board.  As such, Ms. Lois Benson, District Two, was re-elected to serve as Board Chairman and Mr. Dale Perkins, District Four, was elected to the Vice-Chairmanship.   

Also unanimously elected to the following positions were:  

Ms. Vicki Campbell, District One, to the Chairmanship of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee, and, Dr. Larry N. Walker, District Five, to serve as the Vice-Chairman. 

Ms. Deborah Benn, Mr. Chuck Kimball, Mr. Hurey Smith, Mr. Tim Common, Ms. Kelley Thompson, and Ms. Louise Ritz, were unanimously re-appointed to serve as members of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee.  Mr. Randy Ponson was appointed to replace Mr. Charles Green as the appointee for District Two.

Finally, the Board unanimously approved the proposed schedule of its regular monthly meetings for the 2016 calendar year as follows: 


January 28

February 25

March 24

April 28

May 26

June 23

July 28

August 25

September 29

October 27

November 17

December 15