ECUA & Escambia County Kick Off New Recycling Facility

ECUA & Escambia County Kick Off New Recycling Facility

ECUA’s Interim Materials Recycling Facility grand opening celebrates regional ability to process 40,000 tons of recyclables per year.

PENSACOLA, FL – The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Board, or ECUA, and Escambia County Board of County Commissioners held a kick-off ceremony to mark the opening of ECUA’s Interim Materials Recycling Facility, or IMRF, on Aug. 22 at the facility located at 13009 Beulah Road. The event highlights the result of collaborative efforts between ECUA and Escambia County, bringing to the region a state-of-the-art facility that will have the capacity to recycle up to 40,000 tons of materials per year.  

 “Building this partnership has been instrumental in eliminating our reliance on outside contractors for the processing of this region’s recycling effort,” said Steve Sorrell, Executive Director of ECUA. “Now, we can focus on what’s really important: keeping recyclable materials out of the landfills and putting them to good use once again.”

The $10.6 million project was initiated to offer a long-term, regional recycling solution for this community, while at the same time, to assist Escambia County in reaching its state-mandated 75 percent recycling goal. On Feb. 12, ECUA broke ground for the IMRF, which encompasses a 53,460 square-foot fabric building and recycling equipment that is expected to process up to 165 tons of materials per day.

Tom Williams, senior project engineer from the IMRF’s site design firm, Baskerville-Donovan Inc., explained that from the beginning, it was about forecasting what the area’s needs were and creating a facility that would succeed in meeting and exceeding those needs. “This project was a long time coming and – like all of our work at BDI – our mission was to develop a unique, innovative solution that would fill a void we’ve had for a while in ECUA’s recycling program. The Interim Materials Recycling Facility is a necessary investment in this community, and it will continue to be one for years to come.”

Another long-term benefit of the ECUA-Escambia County alliance was touched on by Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson. “It is exciting to see this joint project to support recycling in Escambia County,” Robinson stated. “But it is even more rewarding to see the partnership between Escambia County and ECUA making this happen and thereby making our community better,”

Other contractors involved in the IMRF project are Brown Construction, site work; Big Top Inc., building fabrication; Sclease Construction and Management Inc., building construction; Kelson Electric, electrical contractor; and Bulk Handling Systems, recyclables processing machinery. Zero Waste Inc. will be handling the facility’s daily operations.