ECUA Materials Recycling Facility

The Material Recycling Facility (MRF) cost $10.6 million to construct and is located adjacent to the Escambia County Perdido Landfill and operated by Zero Waste Energy. 

ECUA realizes its customers see recycling as a needed and environmentally beneficial service. ECUA believes a solid recyclables processing infrastructure is needed and that the ECUA is better suited to weather the normal downturns in recycling commodity values.  Also by keeping the recyclables out of the Landfill, the ECUA avoids the related disposal costs, while allowing the recyclables to be used for higher and better uses.  

The ECUA MRF is a “clean” MRF, which processes recyclables sorted by the customer and placed in a single stream curbside recycling cart.  

The MRF accepts everything accepted in ECUA’s recycling program, including glass and mixed 1-7 plastics.  Plastic film and bags will not be accepted.  

The MRF is processing approximately 30 tons per hour, 150 tons daily, or approximately 45,000 tons per year on one shift.

The facility is housed in a 53,460 square foot fabric building, which is placed on a land area of 120,000 square feet and utilizes a sorting system from Bulk Handling Systems, including multiple screens, sorting lines, separators and an optical sorter for plastic separation and a Nihot system for glass recovery.


Click here to see the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) video.