ECUA "Clean Green ECO-Machine" WOWS Crowds in 2011 Fiesta Parade

Hybrid on Street


The 62nd annual Fiesta of Five Flags, “Pen Air Federal Credit Union Fiesta Day Parade,”  rolled in downtown Pensacola, Thursday, June 9.

The 2011 event featured the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s (ECUA) newest environmentl item, a Hybrid sanitation truck, or better known as the “Clean Green ECO-Machine.”

The new environmental truck is considerably quieter compared to standard sanitation trucks in its daily stop, pick-up, and go operations.  The new vehicle delivers a significant thirty to forty percent reductions in emissions, and a thirty percent improvement in fuel efficiency. Even better, brake-related maintenance costs are reduced, doubling the brakes life expectancy while using biodegradable hydraulic oil, which is friendlier to the environment.


In 2010, the ECUA conducted an art contest designed to showcase its environmental awareness.  All entries were judged on creativity, originality, and quality. Local photographer Cheryl Casey of Beulah, Florida, submitted the winning design titled, “A Greener Today, A Cleaner Tomorrow.” As the winner, Casey’s design appears on the “Clean Green ECO-Machine” sanitation truck and on the ECUA website.    

ECUA Director of Sanitation Randy Rudd says, “During the first year, ECUA will operate a single vehicle while gathering performance and maintenance data. The Authority will then use this data to compare the hydraulic hybrid system against other hybrid alternatives, and compressed natural gas powered vehicles.” The Authority is currently evaluating the costs and operational issues before additional units are procured.