Sewer Averaging Calculations Begin

If you are an ECUA mainland residential wastewater customer, your annual sewer charges are based on the average number of gallons of water used in your household during the period known as “sewer averaging.” Sewer averaging, or Winter Quarter Averaging as it is called in some communities, is usually conducted during the winter months when residential water consumption is at its lowest and is attributable solely to domestic use with little or no irrigation or outside use. The ECUA’s sewer averaging period will begin with each residential customer’s first meter reading on or after November 15 (including ECUA sewer customers whose water service is from the Peoples Water Company). The duration of your sewer averaging period is 90 days.

Since an ECUA customer’s actual water consumption during this period will determine their sewer charge for the next twelve months beginning in the March – April timeframe, it is important to check all indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures for leaks. Leaks waste water and will end up affecting your monthly water and sewer charges. Most leaks are easy to identify but sometimes, it takes a little creativity to track them down.

You can confirm a suspected leak in your toilet’s plumbing by putting several drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. Wait 15 minutes, and if the colored water shows up in the bowl, there is a leak in the tank. Check the toilet’s stopper ball for wear by flushing the toilet and rubbing the bottom of the stopper with your hand. If the rubber rubs off or crumbles, it is time to replace the stopper. Finally, you need to oil, adjust or replace the flush handle if you have to jiggle it to stop the water from running after you flush. The “stuck” handle may be causing the stopper to stay open, allowing water to flow into the bowl. 

For more information and tips on reducing water consumption around your home, check out our water conservation page.