Important Information Regarding the Residential Recycling Program


The ECUA is using a single stream recycling system. This means the customer puts all recyclables in the gray recycling can, no sorting is required! The ECUA recycling truck will deliver the commingled recyclables to a processing facility that will do the sorting. While sorting is not required, it is very important that only acceptable items be placed in the gray recycling can.

Bag Your Bags (Gone With The Wind) Campaign

Curbside Recycling Program FAQs  or (Video)

Recycling Signup Form

Compact Fluorescent Light(CFL)

Recycling Polystyrene Packing Peanuts Locally

Bulky Recycle Program FAQ  or Video


ECUA Recycling Drop-off Site (s):

In addition to the Escambia County Recycling Drop-off Sites listed below, the ECUA has established a recycling drop-off site on its Ellyson campus.  The site is located on Sturdevant Street (off Copter Road), between the old airplane hangar and the ECUA Water Quality Laboratory.  Items accepted at this drop-off site are the regular recyclables that are permitted for disposal in the residential curbside recycling container.   Bulky recyclables and yard waste are not accepted at this site.  For a full list of items included in the ECUA Residential Curbside Recycling Program, please refer to the "What Can I Recycle" link above.   We also have added a collection rack in the same area for the convenient drop-off of your household cooking oils and grease.