ECUA customer service specialists responded to 333,924 calls in 2013.
Last year ECUA collected 8,405 gals. of used cooking oil (unused product is converted to biodiesel fuel).
ECUA water is collected and distributed from 32 water production wells, located in our shallow sand-and-gravel aquifer.
ECUA sanitation service collected 62 tons of household hazardous waste in 2013.
ECUA collected 11,132 tons of recyclable materials in 2013.
64% of ECUA customers participated in our recycling program in 2013.

ECUA introduced its first “eco-friendly “sanitation truck, featuring hybrid technology, in 2010.
Last year ECUA pumped and treated an average of 29.9 million gallons of water a day.
The Bayou Marcus Water Reclamation Facility boardwalk is the “Western Gate” to the 2000-mile Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

The ECUA lab collected and tested more than 16,000 drinking water samples last year.
ECUA wastewater treatment plants process more than 21.1 million gallons of waste per day.

ECUA operates and maintains more than 2800 miles of water and wastewater lines in our service area.
Suggestions To Prevent Water Lines From Freezing
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Residential Sanitation Collection Changes for Pensacola Beach
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ECUA To Provide Residential Sanitation Collection Services to North End Santa Rosa County
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Central Gulf Coast Chapter's Reverse Trade Show
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Emergency After Hours Phone Number- 850-476-5110
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