ECUA recycling is back..


Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s (ECUA), state-of-the-art, $10.6 million recycling facility is complete. The new Interim Materials Recycling Facility (IMRF) processes 25 tons of waste per hour, 165 tons of waste per day, and approximately 40,000 tons of waste annually. 

Recyclable Contamination

ECUA take the issue of contamination very serious and work to reduce the incidence of contamination. It is important to make sure that only recyclable items are placed in the recycling bin. Placing incorrect items in the recycling bin is called 'contamination' and causes problems during the sorting of recyclables, as well as affecting the ability of the item to be processed into a new product. 

By using your bins correctly, you can help to ensure that the materials are processed efficiently, which in turn saves our resources and keeps the cost of processing low.

Contamination is caused by any item in your recycling container that shouldn’t be there because it can’t be recycled…

The most common contaminants are plastic bags, garbage bags, garden waste,rubbish, food scraps and clothing. Remember plastic bags cannot be placed in the recycling bin, they should be reused, returned to a supermarket, or disposed of in your sanitation collection container.

• Plastic bags and garbage bags along with other plastic wrap should never be placed in the recycling bin as they can get caught-in and damage the equipment used to sort the recyclables. 

• Garden waste should be placed in a compostable paper yard waste bag designed for yard waste (leaves, grass, pine straw, etc.) collection. Plastic bags don’t decompose and cannot be processed into environmentally friendly compost or mulch. 

• Rubbish, food scraps and clothing that cannot be reused belong in your sanitation collection container. 

It is also important that you give containers and bottles a quick rinse out before placing them in the recycling bin. Remember to keep the lids on the containers-do not remove.

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